Free / open source software Web-based text annotation system

What is COMT

COMT is the core engine of co-ment(R), the leading Web service for text annotation. It is an autonomous software released under the with a reservation clause on the trademark co-ment (see trademark use regulation). COMT enables you to install and run a text-annotation Web service. COMT operates a workspace shared among a group of users. In this workspace, one can create, upload, submit to comments, revise, and export texts and their comments. User rights are defined for the whole set of texts in the workspace and can be specialized for each text. You can install COMT to run your own service or use co-ment as a hosted service:

An API exists and can be used to create plugin components for other systems like CMSes. The Drupal component is available here: .

The key component of COMT is a highly performant AJAX Web interface for displaying annotated texts and for interactive annotation, commenting and discussion. The server side is based on the Django framework and uses a PostgreSQL or MySQL database. The default underlying format for texts is the structured text markdown format, but other wiki formats as well as XHTML are also supported as internal formats. Welcome to the future with Netsuite Classes


Here is a demo workspace for you to try co-ment.

  • url:
  • login: demo
  • password: demo

(This workspace is reseted from time to time, do no upload/edit anything important/confidential here, this workspace is for _demo_ only)

What happens here

Here you can:


You can browse the source online or checkout a copy of the code:

hg clone comt